Hostile Environment

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a tongue in cheek piece (with a serious message on the dumbing down of our society) about current Govt. policy to mark REFUGEE WEEK.....

Hostile environment


Our Governments created a hostile environment

Because of the alien invasion

They say it’s to protect

 The future of our nation

They’re limiting the gene pool

So we all end up thick

Which allows the corrupt ministers

To do a “get rich quick”.

So instead of watching Big Brother

Or the real housewives of Brum

Invite round an exotic neighbour

And have some erotic fun.

Our country needs hybrid vigour

To maximise IQs

So your bright and beautiful children

Will recognise “fake news”.

It’s time to start a fight back

Don’t accept the status quo

These narrow minded fascist bigots

 Their vile policies really need to go!

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eve nortley

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 20:42

Thank you to all who responded to this piece.This is both a complex and touchy issue....particularly in the current environment of austerity, which is increasing social isolation and reducing community cohesion according to academic experts.
My personal take on it is that we don't have a migrant crisis, we have a climate crisis (fuelled in part by our Govt's policies on use of fossil fuels in preference to renewable energy) which is devastating the global south and making large areas uninhabitable. We have a crisis of war - many of which the UK is playing an active part in, which is displacing people from their homes (ie Syria), we have a crisis of a country we have exploited our colonies and in fact a lot of the world, leaving behind a trail of destruction and displacement. The UKs trade deals have created poverty around the globe - we need to separate trade from aid or we will go on economically pillaging countries in the global south. I have spent 2 years working with asylum seekers and refugees and I have yet to come across anyone who would not choose to return to their country of birth if it were safe to do so. The British weather alone is enough to put people off staying!

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M.C. Newberry

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 14:37

Every country has a right to decide its direction and how it proceeds.
Immigration that is seen as destabilising through numbers or the
degree of change involved requires action & control. In a historical
context, Queen Elizabeth the First is recorded as acting to limit
immigration in her own time in the interests of the social cohesion
of her people - a phrase that surely has even more relevance today.
One great concern is the frightening escalation of violent crime -up
to and including murder - and the origins of those so often
involved. So much for "social cohesion".

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Lisa C Bassignani

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 13:03

This is such a touchy subject with no easy solution. I hate to get into political discussions because everyone is always wrong while everyone else is always right. We cannot build walls everywhere, for how can we continue to deny fellow human beings the basic needs of freedom and security.

Yes, Eve, diversity is a wonderful thing. Without it we are not really free.

I would not be here if my great-grand-parents did not immigrate before WWII.

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Brian Maryon

Sun 23rd Jun 2019 09:45

Look, immigration was (still is) out of control and there was massive pressure on the Government to 'do something about it'. So they did.

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