Unable to live without Love

Being in love is giving someone else your heart to do with as they please

For better or worse

Allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable with another

You're over the moon...you're happy...nothing could bring you down...nothing and no one could hurt you

It's the ones that you hold the closest that can cut you the deepest

All things must come to an end...nothing is permanent

Anything can be gone in an instant

A moment...time stands still

A hiss of their voice sends shivers through your body

A word that brings you to your knees

A look that rips your soul to pieces

A glare that stops your heart

With each cruel flick of the tongue a little piece is torn away...

Those eyes that you lost yourself in now burn with hatred

The fire licks upon your raw flesh

And yet...you stay, you keep moving closer.

You say nothing

Clinging to the past you know who they are...they cannot possibly be this person...

They love you...this can't be real

They love you...they can't mean it

but they said...they love you...

Breathing hurts...everything hurts...

This is what you fell in love with.

Their strength, their passion...

Maybe tomorrow...maybe in the morning this will all have faded away..

You have to believe this..

A person cannot live without their heart...


◄ Broken

Matryoshka ►


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