Wished I knew

Be with me if I got it all
Stay with me if I lose it all
Catch me if I fall
Be my rock so I can stand tall
Stay with me through the bad and good times
I promise you we gone get it together and ball
Don’t tell your friends our problems
People close be the ones that want you to fall
You just told me you love me
I know It’s not love it’s lust
You just glad you finally fucking me
You won’t post me online
Why you tucking me
I wanna post you
You claim I got hoes but baby I be ducking them
You worried bout these hoes but baby Ian even fucking them
You was fuckimg with me when I didn’t have nothing
I could never fuck you over like that
I saw yo ex just text you
Ian say nun but i know you texted back
Niggas be writing you and you be quick to text back
You used to text back fast
Now U wait to text back
When you texted me I shouldn’t never text back
I ain’t heard from you in three weeks
Ian even know it at the time but everybody hit that
They say shawty change up niggas
Like she change her tracks
They saying she fuckin everybody damn I was really about to cuff a nhat
I fucked shawty raw I really wish I could rewind that
I used to text her and ask for another chance
After knowing what I know I wish I never said that
Cuz ion never want that bitch back
Stick and move is the way to go
But see I would’ve did that if I knew shawty was a hoe
See I woulda fucked her and passed her to the bro
I’m giving y’all my all in these poems
Y’all really should sponsor me for the low
Shawty has the nerve to say I like attention
But twerking all on Instagram and Snapchat
Baby if if I like attention I must be the solider and you the lutentient
I can go on all day but umma just stop right here okay?

(June 21,18)



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