Mind Aberrations

Outer beauty does phase out over a time,

Time schemes through thick & thin;

Wondering why the world was at loss,

When there were so many pretty faces around.

Some faces look professional although,

Some personalities reveal much more…

They must not be unintelligent

But a supremacy to endure;

Why then some are limited to pages here?

Why haven’t their legacy gone beyond?

Time to introspect and simply explore…


Sometimes eyes talk… sometimes lips sync…

Venom or love they contain.

How will one know?

Let the mystery unravel,

Scolding, holding or unfolding…

Or anything beyond.

There are wishes to measure passions,

Whether simple or bizarre,

Whether beautified or scare,

Even the softest voice could be a scream;

And it has the magnitude to shatter your dream…

Despise, derecognize, decease.


The phantom of the past does occasionally rise,

Sending shivers through the spine…

Retrospective attitudes and greed did help scale

Nothing beneficial but ephemeral,

Eyes stalked only to find sparks…

Time backfired with instant remarks…

Precedence had set, character was lost!

A volley of questions, “At what cost?”

Sitting with self the mind sought pursuits,

These thoughts were never our recruits.

The silence fell on the ears forever,

The mind buried deep under slumber.

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