Is it goodbye to the Conservative Party?

Could it be that its day is done?

What used to be hale and hearty....

Going down like the late setting sun.


For too long it lost its direction

And lost trust it couldn't afford,

With no mandate and much genuflexion

It sent Parliament's power abroad.


Ever since it has paid for that action

And the trust is not yet regained,

As it struggles to seek satisfaction

With differences still barely restrained.


So - is it farewell to the Conservative Party

Or will it rise,  Phoenix -like, once again

From the fire and failure - ILLUMINATI !

With a wiser collective new brain?





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M.C. Newberry

Fri 21st Jun 2019 13:14

AFAM - to abbreviate your moniker...many thanks for the comment.
I know what you mean but occasionally a politician or a political
situation demands a response.

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Thu 20th Jun 2019 19:59

Hi MCN - Political poetry I would usually leap frog. But this one being well crafted and accessible I enjoyed. Yea, Illuminati indeed - and on the sands the children cheered and jeered to see Punch and Judy act so weird.

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Jun 2019 19:38

Don - for years the Conservative and Unionist Party - to give it the
full title - has been split between the behaviour of those who ignored the fact that they were elected to govern the country according to its laws and customs and the internal resistance
from within its ranks against that behaviour. In fear of a wipe-out at the polls at the hands of the newly formed Brexit Party (demanding a no holds barred departure from the EU) and
perhaps more in hope than expectation of satisfying a public
now all too aware of mendacious political machinations, past
and ongoing, Boris Johnson is seen as its most likely hope towards winning over a sceptical disillusioned electorate and
returning the mandate of genuine parliamentary sovereignty
to its UK home from abroad.

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Don Matthews

Thu 20th Jun 2019 13:56

Living down here in Australia
I'm puzzled at what's going on
I do hear however that Boris
Will be your Prime Minister, (forgone)....

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