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Leave Or Remain, It's All The Same

How sadly it's come to this:

the apotheosis

of our egos' mad desires.


Now all this nightmare requires

of us to finalise

matters is to analyse


our crude methodology

and, sans apology

give the Earth one last, good kick -


yes, that ought to do the trick -

then drink to its poor health.

We've raped it of all its wealth,


we've torn it and tortured it

and left behind us shit

and unremitting misery.


Aren't we just derisory?

We ought to burn in shame

(hell, there's no-one else to blame!)

climate change

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Martin Peacock

Fri 7th Jun 2019 22:49

That just about sums it up, Don,
you've said in rhyme what I'm thinking;
the world's fucked, for what's not sinking
is burning, and will soon be gone

to hell in a tumbril, or worse.
If you have kids, apologise -
tell them what we did wasn't wise,
or generous, tell them the curse

of their short lives was our damned fault.
Tell them 'sorry' isn't enough,
that their survival will be tough,
that it's too late all this to halt.

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Don Matthews

Fri 7th Jun 2019 10:18

Richie it's come down to I want
And bugger you all, and you earth
I don't give a hoot what I'm leaving
The children, the shit that it's worth

So sad....

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