I am a crime – the planet is my victim, even in my intent to save her.

Until now, I’ve had the defence of innocence – now removed in new awareness.

I care about clear-felled virgin forests, species loss, carbon release, destruction.

I eat plant material and plant based foods, plentiful and affordable.

I avoid meat and dairy, not contributing to the awful consequences.

I joined the union, protecting rights, lobbying to improve regulation.

I take part in e-campaigns, keeping up to date and acting via my smartphone.

Palm oil and soya, key vegan ingredients, are grown on clear-felled forest land.

My organic, plant-based diet relies on the carbon-toll of global food miles.

Wool is produced on cleared, appropriated Australian land, bereft of life.

Cotton is grown in the desert, using precious, fossil artesian water.

Phones and fashion are cheap, made in non-union, unregulated factories.

Rare-earth elements, required for phone components, are mined in sensitive areas.

I cannot help the harm my actions cause, even in my effort to save my Earth.

Helpless, I do nothing wrong in life, nevertheless Earth suffers consequences.

I am a living crime, guilty as charged; my innocence is blowing in the wind.

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