Poem of transformation...

The butterfly in the morning sun flutters with grace until his day is done
He's in and out of the beautiful flowers
To the music of the birds he dances for hours
Blissfully aware of his own handsome features
He's the envy of all the other garden creatures
Making the most of his time in the air
Embracing his life as if not a care
Made up of colour and symmetrical pattern
A velvet like body and wings made of satin
Happy to be living and gracious for his wings
Appreciating his freedom and the beauty it brings.
brought into life as a cocoon
Resembling a feotis in a mothers womb
Then blessed as are we.. with life on  the earth
The caterpillar is busy to the end from birth
After struggling and surviving and seing many things
He wakes one morning to find he has wings
A new found beauty...And a new beginning
No more struggle, no losing just winning
So when your catterpillar life is done
It doesn't end there ,there's wings yet to come
There's a magical life for us all to start
To become a butterfly...follow your heart

                    By Sarah xx



◄ 11.11

2019 New moon 17th june ►


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Angel whisperer indigo child x

Mon 17th Jun 2019 11:41

Thankyou very much xxx?

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Wayne McLellan

Mon 17th Jun 2019 11:00

Enjoyed the flow of this poem.

Thanks for sharing

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