How To Be Alone

Waiting for a friend
sipping tea, sunglasses on
passers-by double and disappear
as reflections in shop windows
everything lit golden
then dimmed behind my lenses
I stir the drink some more

Waiting for a friend
they’re half an hour late now
I barely notice
just watch the people
let my mind wander
the liquid turning in the cup

And it hits me, squarely, there
on the corner by the crossroads
these moments
left to my own devices
find me so contented
thinking, writing, dreaming
drawing, planning, scheming

Have I just mastered the art
of how to be alone
or am I just happy
I’m just truly happy


(May 2019) 


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Don Matthews

Thu 27th Jun 2019 00:41

I do like this Tom and can relate. Basking in aloneness is easy to do and feels great. Every so often I seek out the company of others. I am well rewarded by the effort. As long as I have the choice of being alone (to write, think, observe, dream) and mix with people and share, I am happy.....

Devon Brock

Wed 26th Jun 2019 23:03

Nice work Tom. In those moments, you are the witness.

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Mae Foreman

Wed 26th Jun 2019 19:20

It's a great moment of clarity when that realization hits you! I've had it too and I agree with my friend Hason here (?) it's a bit of both and I think that those who are comfortable alone are pretty lucky
Thank you ?

P.S. The laughing emoji has nothing to do with you or your lovely piece Tom!

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 26th Jun 2019 17:14

Bit of both Tom, I think. I'm very comfortable in my own company, but there was a time I wasn't and I have to say I was much happier once I'd learned how to be. Really like this poem, probably because I can relate to it so much.

J. ?

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