To Be Adored

One day...
I'd love to sign my name
autograph a volume
my words printed in glorious black ink
type-set, spell-checked and bar-coded
head-shot just inside the hard cover
The girl opposite will be saying she loves my work
the way it 'resonates with her own feelings'
she and her man read together at night
I'd be respected, met my potential
achieved something of note
So, when my child seeks to know me
they can be proud of what I've made
and though at times my emotions ran cold
my self-worth drained desperately low
I managed to focus the thoughts long enough
shape them into a tidy poem
highlight every feeling we journeyed through
to help others to know they're not alone
in return all I would want from them
is their respect
and to be adored...

(2005 - An old dream...)


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Fri 14th Jun 2019 11:07

You've got to aim high I guess ?

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Fri 14th Jun 2019 10:55

'Tis asking a lot Tom. Hope you get some of it at least ?
Go well

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