A phrase which suggests to me an outcome,

Born of reason; not the season for legal treatise but could

Call time on each resting pair of marching boots plus owner,

Dulled, still, at dawn following deadly all day military drill, the

Excess dust now gone and marcher done – he forever

Full of phrases, though no And Because, each one more

Grouchy, generally, than the one before.


High in the morning sky, higher still above the

Impermanent streaks of gold and pink I often think and write about,

Jumbos lumber, like this piece, from A to B (and beyond), yet

Kangaroo-like in offering limitless, on-demand hops and skips plus

Light snacks and beverages as each in-between moment passes;

More limitless even, for full-blown meals on wheels; never falling short,

Never running empty – though rarely creating a clear And Because.


Others assure me that it’s good, openly and boldly, to

Procrastinate – one of the best ways to make an And Because.

Questions do arise in my mind whether such behaviour can

Readily be described as reasoning followed by a resultant outcome.

So I tend to fend off such claims unless (like mine) they start as studied

Thought (reasoning) followed by a sudden lurch (outcome) designed to

Underline the link between our sedentary and active states.


Verse is, to my mind, still the go-to medium of today

When we seek to reveal subliminal connections, whispered causes and effects:

Xenophobia, for example might, in a poem, spawn uniformed militia forces.

Yet the only link today, for now, is between the start of each line to the next – so

Zero marks if you first found it down here, where there’s no outcome, no way forward.




Devon Brock

Wed 19th Jun 2019 23:16

Interesting treatise on the nature of poetry, Peter.

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Martin Elder

Wed 19th Jun 2019 21:59

I must admit there is something strangely hypnotic about watching planes both take off and land. Well at least there is for me.

Nice one Peter

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Tue 18th Jun 2019 15:36

Hi Peter T - An interesting read. Did it fly? As you you say 'Jumbo lumber'. But the journey was coherent and intellectually stimulating. 'And Because' of that I liked ?

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