This Ain't No Aussie Launchpad Don

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This Ain't No Aussie Launchpad Don


I'd like to see more humour on the site. To me it needs a re-balance.


Things seem so unbalanced

I'm drowning in despair

I need come up for humour

I need come up for air


But Don this ain't no launchpad

For Aussies seeking fun

We're British, Queen-like, serious

When all is said and done


I hear some of you saying

(10,000 miles away)

But Don I DO write humour

To you I bow down, pray


I've read your contributions

Enjoyed them, but gosh, fark

We need more of them from you

To brighten up WOL's dark


I do make Aussie rockets

Full of humour, cheer

I do enjoy our launchpad

Thank God WOL you are here


We'll give you launching rights Don

Just don't make them explode

Don't wanna clear the launch site

From payload overload


(Only non-explosive fully Australian-


made rockets used now)


Don Matthews June 2019

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Don Matthews

Thu 20th Jun 2019 10:30

kj we need more humour
On our WOLers site
Need to dry the squibs out though
Give them bit more bite.....

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kJ Walker

Thu 20th Jun 2019 07:20

Keep the non-explosive fully Australian made rockets (or as we call them. Damp squibs) coming. We need more humour.

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Graham Parker

Wed 19th Jun 2019 14:50

You may be down under mate, but you grumble like a Pom ?

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Don Matthews

Wed 19th Jun 2019 13:31

Good golly gosh! we have some rhyme
I'm quite so well impressed
A WOL Humour Society?
Has WOL now birthed some jest? ?

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 19th Jun 2019 12:51

Don, you do protest too much
about the lack of levity
on our lovely website
and its melancholic brevity

One would think it’s only Ozzies
who can rhyme and grin and smile
as they get a rise from pommies
thinking it’s worthwhile

By calling WOL’ers English
It’s another major faux-pas
most members are from global climes
just like where you are!

Perhaps we’re not just tickled pink
and do not share much fun
unlike you lucky Ozzie boys
we do not get much sun

So take it easy on us
don’t be a great Galah
celebrate our serious side
we come from near and far

One thing we will all smile about
as we shelter from the splashes
we’ll definitely all be British
when we smash you in the Ashes

© The Write Out Loud Humour Society

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Don Matthews

Wed 19th Jun 2019 11:10

I await with interest

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 19th Jun 2019 09:53

Don, a well considered reply is currently under construction. Watch this space!

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