Outrun the Demons

Faster...Faster...Don't stop...Don't let them catch you...

Pedal faster, fast enough so that the tears never touch your cheeks, fast enough so that the little droplets that sparkle in the moon light disappear behind you, into the darkness to slow down the horrid thoughts that chase you

Pedal faster...fast enough so that you out run your own mind

Pedal faster...fast enough so that there is a stabbing pain pulsing through your veins

Pedal faster...fast enough so that your lungs fill with fire and the freezing wing rips the little drops that glimmer like diamonds from your eyes

Keep going until your vision blurs and your mind blacks out.

Don't stop, don't let the thoughts catch up to you...

Only when all feeling of the mind is replaced with feeling of the body do you know that you have out run the monsters that hide in the shadows...only then can you go home...

They are gone, for now.



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