A Fool Like Me

When your heart beats so fast because the man you love is right there
Beauty shines from within fuled by love we share
That warm feeling
 of course he feels the same
You know it's in his eyes and through signals from his brain
Knowing your safe no matter what
Knowing whatever happens you mean to him alot
Security of knowing love will see you through
The comfort that he trusts the same and the centre of his world is you
Every little plan in your head every little dream
He is always besides you now and what yet you will redeem

Expect the unexpected. .but don't rely on dreams..
Was i am I still deluded ?
The laughing has turned to screams
Roses are now bruises
Delicate petals tarnished and torn..
Each individual petal is pulled away
Leaving behind just a stem and thorn
The feeling in my tummy is a dreaded aching pull
And the love that brightened up my heart ...

has left me feeling dull
I don't know him any more
I don't know myself
You worthless slut he says..youl be the last one on the shelf
Is this the definition of love what happened to respect
What was once a fairy tail romance
Is now hopeless faililier and neglect
And all the years i trusted..his words i did believe
Dispite the torturous present and now
I'm anxious when he threatens to leave
40% is his fault..60% is my own
I've let him take my confidence and shatter my happy home
Bruised in places no one sees as long as it's not my face
No one sees my thighs and arms and no one visits my place
I would always welcome family and friends but now they stay away
I'm picking up the pieces
 for them to be shattered again each day
He says that iv gone ugly and I was once his pride and joy
He says if I tell anyone they will take away my little boy
I feel they will if they knew how far it goes
Not only a broken heart but a broken wrist and nose
Breaks and bruises heal but the mind
That can't be repaired
Everytime the door goes I can't help but feel scared
The worst of it is guilt for what my child has seen
I wish i could turn back the clocks and wipe my history clean
I wish I could go back to then and turn his little tears to joy
And I hope he knows how sorry I am
my precious baby boy


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