I long to surrender my heart

I want to give my whole soul to someone that I trust completely


And then I want them to make me scream until my voice is hoarse

I want to make them shiver with ecstasy ... to have my ears filled with the sound of their voice escaping in a pleasure filled hiss

I want them to feel worshiped

The chance to show them how perfectly beautiful they are to me

Moving together, riding each others' waives of pure bliss until we collapse from near exhaustion


I want to lay next to them...our breathing ragged....with matching goofy grins plastered upon our faces

Just completely happy in that moment


I want to make someone fall in love with me over and over until they've lost track of all the precious moments that add a unique sparkle in their eyes... a look reserved just for me


I want to spend every day finding new ways to make them smile

I want to give them butterflies for the rest of their life

I want their heart to feel unquestionably safe and utterly cherished in my care


To hold them at the end of the day and feel their stress melt away in my arms

...To be someone's haven...

To share our brightest hours, celebrating and basking in it all

When they're over the moon, lifting them higher

For they are my world


To lean against each other when times appear dire

Lending strength when needed and thinking nothing of it, for we would do anything for the other and never dream of causing pain

Unwavering loyalty... unquenchable desire... inextinguishable devotion...


But I want someone who is willing to put in the same work

I want them to love me as completely as I do them

...I want my partner in life


And I will never fucking settle again


◄ Long for Silence

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