Poet Lake

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Poet Lake


A Hollywood-type couple

Have jetted into town

Bearing latest baby

A jewel in their crown


By means of social media

She was pronounced awake

Presented to the world as

Their jewel Poet Lake


Dad recited poem

As Poet did appear

Proudly showing tat on neck

(Let's all have a beer)


Tat on dad not Poet....


I should point out Poet's a girl

Strange names are all the rage

They also have two boys so-named

Bodhi Rain and Forest Sage


With all these Hollywood'er types

Playing with babes like toys

I'm having trouble sorting out

Which are girls and boys


What's wrong with 'normal' names I ask

Like good old Jack and Jill?

Hi! I'm a girl, my name is Jack

I'm Jill (twin brother's Bill)


Don Matthews April 2019

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Don Matthews

Fri 28th Jun 2019 00:35

Hey Devon don't be worried
I think you've hit the nail
On head, I think it's upman(woman)ship
If they/kids happy no ail.......

Devon Brock

Thu 27th Jun 2019 21:53

I think the gaming with naming
is just one-upmanship claiming
a framing a cover pic on People
So I'll call my next tree a steeple.

God, that is really bad. Sorry Don - I tried. Lol. Great poem!


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Jason Bayliss

Thu 27th Jun 2019 19:51

Great insight Don. Names are generally quite confusing. Mind you I don't mind that too much, and being called Poet's not too bad. I feel sorry for the children with really, "Out there," names. Again though, if they're happy with them it's all good I suppose.?

J. ?

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