Shadows Climb In My Cold Room

How I long to sleep tonight
forget these thoughts
and rest
Ease my body free 
of anxiety and worry
but the more I try
the more I fail
I fidget fast, roll in frustration
cursing my debt
and conversations that won't end
Where are those waves of darkness
when will they wash my brain
Where is that tide of sleep
of empty-headedness 
of ignorance
and bliss...

Six hours now
I've studied ceiling cracks
a new day hangs two hours away
and creeping up in me
come hunger-pains from hell
itchy hair and sweaty palms
I drop so close to sleep
then jolt back into the room
a cushion spared to shield my eyes
from that solar-flare
that blinking clock
And shadows climb
in my cold room
now the sun, it rises
soon so do I
not blessed with dreams
or ignorance
or bliss...


(2006 - another old one. Terrified of card payments I couldn't make)

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Martin Elder

Fri 21st Jun 2019 10:00

I am with you in that Tom . Not being able to sleep is a real drag.
Nice one

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mona s

Thu 20th Jun 2019 11:21

Absolutely brilliant piece..

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