Intoxication To My Greed!

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Intoxication to my greed,

Somehow you have sown the seed…

Your chair rests near or apart;

I know how much I bleed.

Matter of time or circumstance…

I don’t judge this distance,

All I know is my need,

And it is you who does feed,

Intoxication to my greed.


My apology had nailed the pursuit,

And I slowly distanced away…

With no regret albeit with many,

There were but reasons astute;

Every day I think in my own solitude,

If it’s an ego or it’s my attitude…

But the poison of her very fruit,

Mesmerizes me and it does lead;

Intoxication to my greed.


A spray of the incense…

Flavor of fruity mango,

It scales and subjugates me

Weaving magic of hallucination!

I admit my senses lose

I confess my emotions ooze,

Whenever the mist you wear…

I eat the mango and literally read,

Intoxication to my greed.


For that interval of time,

I am lost in the divinity of paradigm;

My mind scheming and seeking,

Curiosity erupting but no speaking…

I wish to eat the mysterious incense,

Alas! It is but just a fragrance…

The wearer is no match to it,

The aroma holds in its ambit,

Intoxication to my greed.


Tussle with the owner of spirits,

But she couldn’t deliver me my choice;

I tread my own way yet to find though,

Who am I to raise my voice?

A desire somewhere within me,

A need to know the name…

Name of the perfume she wears,

With which she attracts and also scares,

Intoxication to my greed.

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◄ Aik Nazm

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Devon Brock

Fri 21st Jun 2019 21:25

This poem is fun to whisper. I enjoy the refrain of the title at the end of each stanza, makes your poem read like an incantation.

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