A Stranger

Why won't they look away?

Their smile, poorly drawn, not matching their eyes

...those eyes...

They are shattered... lost... unfocussed

There is a darkness

Something not quite right

Something sickening...

...like a vital piece is missing

...like they're rotting inside

They're wrong...perverse

A twisted joke

A pathetic copy

Pretending to be me

The eyes of a monster

Always staring back at me

They know...they know I'm too broken

They know I'm barely human

I fear the day they give me away...

How long before they all discover what I am?

How long can I hide behind this fake smile?

How long until the (destruction) I've known was inevitable since I first opened my eyes... comes to pass

I have held my breath waiting for so long...

...Terrified of them noticing...

Maybe once I am finally seen I can let out the air that has gone stale within my lungs

but will it be my last?

Do I continue to cling to the shadows out of fear for what the light shall reveil?

Or do I surrender to my reality?

We often reach our destination on the path we take to avoid it.


◄ I long to surrender my heart

Happy Birthday My Dearest Sister ►


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