Thoughts about Thought

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Thought ought to be,

Pure, precise and princely.

Sadly, mostly,

It's a battered ball, but, bit, batted about,

Deformed - to conform - to today's haze.

Thus, inevitably, it's always somewhat crazed.

But still, thought ought to be.

So let me leave you with this one:

Where do yours come from?


A Definition

To think is

To sink into,

To link into,

Realities, centralities,

Past passing banalities,

Through ephemeral peripheralities,

Wool pulled over eyes.

To take hold of

To make bold with

All that is solid - satisfying - useful.


Another Definition

Thinking is the triage of treasure from trash.

This can be tricky,

Some trash is very sticky,

Some treasure too weighty and slippy.

But what we choose we amass

And often find it quite crass

That others lambast our pickings.



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Don Matthews

Fri 21st Jun 2019 00:22

All this is making my head spin around
These ephemeral peripheralities
I'm all a'confusion in deciding my thoughts
Are they A are they B are they C ?

Devon Brock

Thu 20th Jun 2019 23:14

I try to decide between A & B
I find myself blind at the A & P
Sometimes Trix sometimes 'Flakes
Just screamin and screamin whatever it takes.

Great work Fish, making me think about style.

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Jason Bayliss

Thu 20th Jun 2019 22:35

From an early age I was brought up on Dr Seuss, which gave me a love of stuff that is clever but also joyful to recite.
This, Fish, is both of those things. I've read it a couple of times just for the pleasure of saying it. Thank you.

J. ?

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