I shall write crap

about tickle and slap,

no detail spared

anatomically shared.


Bad taste no longer embarrassing

a close second to online harassing

the obvious answer

to pull the punters.


That's the way to go

to stimulate the poetry flow

and fuck inspiration up the arse

using the simple device of a cock

such endless pleasure to unlock.


It's no use bucking the trend

world without class or style

will win in the end,

and in the meantime the sensitive souls

can leave the arena

for somewhere cleaner

their corners to defend.




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Fri 21st Jun 2019 21:52

Hi David. I suppose you could summarize this "piece" by letting it speak out and just take its course. I'm pleased it's got some response. There is much angst in it and it was written as a protest, but of course not all will see it that way. Populism is as you say everywhere , but sometimes the floating algae has to be cleared and the mirrors polished. I feel poetry should either entertain or offer some way out of the mundane. Of all the activities within the artistic spectrum I think it is the most sullied and pretentious. Still, Spike may not have been a master poet but his ideas were genuine and had the original wit he lovingly passed on.

Hi Rachel. No one can guarantee not to offend, but often that seems to be uppermost. Thanks.

Martin, I would never take myself seriously enough to take what I write for granted. Thanks for the kind words.

You have a point, Mark!

Yes Jennifer, eroticism is to be applauded in my view, the word crap after Thomas Crapper has of course been perverted to serve other purposes.

Thanks Brian, glad it worked for you.

Thanks all for your time and considerations, also Des, Jon and Jason for liking.


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Brian Maryon

Fri 21st Jun 2019 16:52

This gets my noD Ray.

jennifer Malden

Fri 21st Jun 2019 16:48

How right you are Ray!! Loved M.C.'s comment too. Good taste is inhibiting, graphic description when necessary, why not, but eroticism and crap are quite different.


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M.C. Newberry

Thu 20th Jun 2019 13:37

Talk about pricking the imagination! 😉

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Martin Elder

Wed 19th Jun 2019 21:32

I just love the fact that you don't take yourself to seriously and so clearly push through all the bull with so few but clear cut words. Something of which I am jealous of because I will just go on forever

Nice one Ray.

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Wed 19th Jun 2019 13:24

I especially appreciate the line, "..a close second to online harassing"--so much for subtlety.


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Wolfgar Miere

Tue 18th Jun 2019 19:57

I couldn't agree more Ray.

Populism is everywhere these days. Adoration is sought by many and by any devise. These include telling all captive audiences how good you are, have been and propose to be..YOU JUST WAIT! and please wait a little more, and a little more..whilst I figure out how I am going to deliver what I actually am incapable of. Oh and for good measure objecting to how others might wish to freely write whilst not being direct. Add in the statement that all are permitted to write as they wish whilst repeatedly stating that too many people write in a manner not to your particular taste, and do it tediously and repeatedly like a goldfish transfixed by its own reflection.

It is disappointing that you felt the need to even write this abomonation (by your standards) sometimes the only way to convey a message is to speak the language of the intended recipient. Unfortunatley I doubt even that will work. It certainly doesn't seem to be possible by talking to the practitioners of moderation.

I was going to respond publically to this kind of goading nonsense in some way or other but have decided the best form of protest is to deprive such disseminators of garbage the oxygen they so desperately and pathetically crave.

Although it seems I have now responded by stating my veiws without directly indicating who or what at, how hypocritical of me...oh well, needs must.

I stand by the right for all to write as they wish, I also quite like the right for others to know when to shut the f--- up and just write.


Magnificent rhyme btw (not)...makes me want to repond in rhyme but only a complete c--- would do that...wouldn't they?

PPPS, I often ask myself "What would Spike have said" and I often then feel like giving you a bell to ask your opinion of what he might have said..seeing as you worked with the great man. I think I have a very good idea of what he might have thought of the type of people we are alluding to here. Sorry for telling one of your party piece stories...I won't even bother mentioning Les Dawson...Opps!

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