Little girl's dream

That little girl,

with twinkle in her eyes,

ran with her little feet on the earth,

a mischievous smile on her face,

with innocence in heart like blessing of God.


That little girl has a dream,

along with many other dreams,

she was busy in collecting coins,

treasuring each and every penny.


She saved from her pocket money,

sacrificing candies to save few coins.

She waited eagerly for all the festival,

Collecting and saving the monetary gifts,


Every penny that goes in her piggy bank,

gives her smile and twinkle in her eyes.

How overwhelmed she got when her piggy bank was full,

She broke it down and counted each and every penny.


Happily she ran towards the bazaar,

with the pennies in her little hands.

She purchased a beautiful pink color woolen sweater,

Shopkeeper packed it in a gift wrap on her request.


Carrying this precious gift she rushed to home,

Flying on her tiny little feet and victorious smile on her face.

As soon as she reached home,

She hugged her granny.


Handing over the present to granny.

Granny tore the wrapper and took that sweater,

Wearing it over the saree.

Happily granny started showing it to rest of neighbors.


The pink sweater which filled granny's heart with pride,

This was a present from granny's favorite person.

That little act was pearl of life

sharing the sweetness of gift known as life.



All poems are copyright of the originating author. Permission must be obtained before using or performing others' poems



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kJ Walker

Sun 9th Jun 2019 07:24

What a precious gift. It's so true when people say "it's the thought that counts".

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