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Society's been infected with

An insidious disease

It's causing me concern and stress

A state of some unease


Today we've lost so many things

Care for those around

Lost the art of empathy

Care has run aground


It's all to do with me-first

And winning at all cost

If we can get away with it

No problem – nothing lost


The cause of this disease, to me

Comes down to simple greed

For the must-have dollar and

Resulting must-have breed


Will society recover?

Not let this scourge destroy?

A warning's there for all of us

Against it's subtle ploy


The dollar is important, yes

For life, comfort and joy

But friends are more important

Than any dollar toy


Don Matthews March 2019

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<Deleted User> (22158)

Fri 21st Jun 2019 14:10

All too true, Don. It is sad that they actually have T-Shirts that read "He who dies with the most toys wins". Nice one!

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