It was not so

At the start it was not so

That we did know the stone to throw,

To kill the beasts and men like us,

To think it fine to strike the blow

That spread man's blood upon the dust.


How was it that death entered in?

Cruel killing, how did it begin?

Did not the Tree of Life stand there,

In God's garden where was no sin.

In God's garden where all was fair.


Oh childish man, you swallow lies.

By inner lusts you're hypnotised.

From Father's love you've turned away.

Now broken is the trust that ties,

Broken, the day you disobeyed.


But at the start it was not so,

There where the Tree of Life did grow.

Man walked with God in peaceful groves.

God talked with man that he might know

The Father's love around him wove.


Now is this world a grim war zone,

Where everyone has thrown their stone.

But by the blood poured on the dust

The Father did for us atone

And there is peace for all who trust.


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Sat 29th Jun 2019 14:49

DoRoThY and Devon thanks.
Devon, I appreciate you willingness to engage. I know well that many find the 'topic' too 'uncomfortable' to spend time with.
Go well

Devon Brock

Fri 28th Jun 2019 22:19

Fish - you set up a question, a difficult one to answer. One could say that it began with freewill. One could say that the eviction from paradise sets up the dual nature of humankind, both divine sprung and brute in nature. So much to think about with this question of yours. One that has no ready answers. Thanks for sharing this.


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