i am as a sapling in the shadow of a hundred year oak
try not to breathe, not to stir
i wish to remain unnoticed at the edge of your meadow
here in my solitude
i dare not disturb this perfect silence
inexplicable and deeper than night
nothing casting it
a black shadow wavers in the bright sunlight
it covers the the meadow floor
pulling at my curiosity I am lost in it's mystery
forgetting myself for one brief moment i gasp, almost inaudibly (a butterfly's sneeze)
but the shadow has heard me and my heart sinks with the knowing
in a flurry the darkness lifts up and takes to the sky
as it swirls and dips and fades into the distance
it takes a part of me along
and I am left
hoping you will return
to fill my silent beauty
with visible song



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Martin Elder

Mon 17th Jun 2019 09:34

I am just caught up in the movement and the trail of this poem. Completely stunning.

I look forward to reading more

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