Ring Around The Poison Ivy

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Ring around the daffodil 

All the gods have fallen ill

One by one

The forts burned down!


Ring around the asphodel 

Cheaters do not kiss and tell

Wrinkle, Wrinkle

Stars no longer shine and twinkle!


Ring around the daisy

Standards growing hazy

Foul Words, Foul Words

Hearts break too!


Ring around the poison ivy

Sip "The Lie" from Monday to Friday

Saturday, Sunday

Mithridat shall never die!




nursery rhyme

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Mae Foreman

Tue 2nd Jul 2019 08:17

Thank you so much Jason! ?It's a great honor ?and I'm absolutely thrilled! ?
Thank you for the constant support my dear friend ?

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Jason Bayliss

Mon 1st Jul 2019 23:35

Congratulations Mae, a worthy winner and I have to say I am so pleased to see you get POTW.. Absolutely brilliant.

J. x

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Mae Foreman

Thu 27th Jun 2019 13:46

My pleasure Don!
Thanks for stopping by ?

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Don Matthews

Thu 27th Jun 2019 13:14

A nice rhymic interaction Mae. Thanks?

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Mae Foreman

Thu 27th Jun 2019 10:43

We wove a fishnet of words and rhymes
To catch us some abstract notions!
They roll in the tongue like jingling chimes
And make delicious potions!
A pinch of wit and a fair dash of emotions
A cauldronful of alliteration
Add a spoonful of odd and a charmer's rod-
And let's brew a spellbinding incantation!

Exhausting but fun!?
Thank you ?

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Don Matthews

Thu 27th Jun 2019 08:58

It seems I'm unaware
That spells shoot down the wire
So quick, so fast, to where I am
(Of course they do, my sire)

Indeed we're entering fantasy land
A nice escape, hey Mae?
Forget the troubles of the world
Let's nursery rhyme away......

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Mae Foreman

Thu 27th Jun 2019 08:26

Good one Don! ?Well I wasn't supposed to tell you this but....I put a spell on you! Haha ?
Glad I did too! Excellent nursery rhyme!
Thank you ?

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Don Matthews

Thu 27th Jun 2019 00:29

Mary, Mary from your garden
What poison pleasure you got?
Want something slow, but deadly show
Not sudden like a shot

Kind sir I have this ivy
It's guaranteed, (and slow)
'Twill suck the likeblood out of one
'Twill stop one's life, it's flow....

(Stop it Mae. Watcha doing to me? I'm a whimsy nursery rhymer. You're giving me bad thoughts....)

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Mae Foreman

Wed 26th Jun 2019 23:05

Thank you Wayne! I did try to stay true to the spirit of nursery rhymes; what Jason called "sinister undertone". "Ring Around The Rosie" the original famous nursery rhyme which inspired mine is actually very interesting, I'm sure you know; the history, the words, the intelligence of it... As is my personal favorite "A man of words and not of deeds"! Great poem that one...
Anyway, I appreciate the support, dear Wayne, thank you ?

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Wayne McLellan

Wed 26th Jun 2019 22:47

I appreciate the work that's gone into writing this piece Mae.

Really enjoyed it.

Thanks for sharing


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Mae Foreman

Wed 26th Jun 2019 22:37

Thank you "H"! How much are you loving your new nickname?! Jaja!?
It baffles me why nursery rhymes should have to be scary...I wouldn't read this kind of stuff to my kids but I sure fancy reading and writing them! I tried singing it too, intentionally slightly off key...It reached a whole new level of creepy!!!
Write away dear Jason, scare me, scare you...!
Thank you?

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Jason Bayliss

Wed 26th Jun 2019 22:24

Once again, I have to say I love this. Most nursery rhymes have a deeply sinister undertone and this captures that beautifully.
Oddly I was thinking about this very subject today. Maybe we could take it in turns trying to scare one another? Great poem Mae.

H. x

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