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I left yo love in a cell 
My momma screaming 
Imma go to hell 
But see fuck that 
She ain’t even pay my bail 
Tired of feeling like shit 
Always feeling like I failed 
Mf that I know I failed 
Steadyin going to jail 
But I’ll never tell 
Never been loved 
Can’t you tell 
Give them my heart 
Just for them to bail
A lot of pain in my heart 
So don’t ask me why I yell
I know umma go to hell 
I be asking and wondering 
My momma was never there 
U left me and never cared 
Shoutout my auntie 
You was always there 
Twan I always loved you 
Bu you was fucked up 
Now it seems like u was never there 
Tonio you loved me forever 
I just wished I was always there 
Tryna give you my all
But I know love ain’t fair 
Look in my heart 
Ion think it’s there 
Thanks for caring my kid 
I’ll always be there 
I just wanna die 
I don’t wanna leave you 
I jut don’t wanna be here (earth) 



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