Bridget Everett - On the Edge

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Bridget Everett – On the Edge


If risque humour is not your cup of tea or you blush easily, leave Bridget clipped up - despite being clever and professional.   Aw, go on, have a peep....


Bridget's here to entertain

She's risque, edgy, plus

I've signed her up, despite there is

No money here for us


The gig she's doing just because

She wants to pep site up

She thinks there's too much doom and gloom

Her smile might cheer things up


Some might raise their eyebrows

At what is on my clip

Some might utter bloody hell

Don's gone let 'er rip


If you are a flower

Seeking floral joya

Don't go open tube-clip

Cos Bridget slugs it to ya


How you deal with this depends

On tastes and how one feels

'Bout someone making fun of

Things re sex appeal


Bridget Everett backed up

With smooth and groovy movers

Shows another side of life

'Bout sexual maneuvers


Whatever you this topic think

It's masterfully done

Clever, deep, a cosmic leap

More than a dick on tongue


Now WOLer censors they might just

Go think otherwise

Remove poor Bridget Everett

From harming WOLer eyes


However I have faith in them

Accepting things quite blue

It's not like shitty doom and gloom

It's comedy taboo


Don Matthews June 2019

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Don Matthews

Tue 18th Jun 2019 08:47

Brian I'm pleased to see you
Keeping tabs on me
Bringing me to heel for
Not pushing boundary

Least you will remember
Bridget Everett
And thank me for thus bringing you
Risque you won't forget ?

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Brian Maryon

Tue 18th Jun 2019 08:14

But Don, you haven't pushed a boundary. Bridget Everett has.

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Don Matthews

Tue 18th Jun 2019 02:33

Pushing boundaries is what I
Believe poets should do
Not keep with flowers and fluffy stuff
Try comedy taboo?

But yikes Don this is pushing things
Out of our comfort zones
We're British, Queen-like, stick to rules
No broad-mind Aussie tones....?

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Lisa C Bassignani

Tue 18th Jun 2019 01:31

Another yikes!

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Don Matthews

Mon 17th Jun 2019 23:49 risqueness would pale into least you watched the all was not in vain...back to short and snappy ?

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Brian Maryon

Mon 17th Jun 2019 09:55

Sorry Don...not a risqué's a poem about a video of someone else being risque.

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