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My Muse

All day long 

I think of you. 

I can’t wait to get home 

to be with you,

to feel your ink drip 

between my hands.

You are my love,

my passion,

my muse.

I know you will 

never leave me. 

We are bound 

by a legacy of words, 

that braids our soul.

Our poetry echoes 

through time and space, 

leaves a warm embrace 

for a broken heart to land. 



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There is a certain light

which sits just on the edge of a cloud

more nuanced by the hues of blue sky

then the paler palletes of the further horizon


And you have seen the yellow flame dance

on the log 

whose sparks

rise and twirl into the deep 

crepuscular and cerulean blue

of summer’s twilight


And you have seen the golden 

grasses’ halo 

glow and circl...

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Killing Time Ain't no Crime

entry picture

Killing Time Ain't no Crime


My date is at five and it’s six am

That’s eleven hours between now and then

That’s six hundred and sixty minutes I reckon

Or thirty-nine thousand and six hundred seconds

They’re ticking by, but not fast enough

They’re tic, tic, tic, tic, ticking me off

The time ain’t flying, it’s got me sighing

The minutes grind by and it’s crucifying

As ...

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Also by John McDonough:

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Killing TimeTimeWasting TimeWishing The Day Away


entry picture

Sometimes you come with out warning,                                                                                                                      you're so impolite,you make souls cry and human chaos.                                                                                          Rain,Sun,Storms,and flames,nothing can stop your false triumph.                                       ...

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Also by Blackrose:

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I don't know

I don't know how to not be awkward

I don't know how to format a good poem

I don't know how to apologise 

I don't know what to do 

But,I do know 

That I would never give up on you

That I would never stop needing you

That I will be there for you always 

I do know that  when you're sun goes down I will find you a flashlight

I do know that when your world crumbles I'll give ...

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Magnificent worthy of Christ son of nye
magnificently wonderful days to come
as stated in days gon by

child of mine child so bright
energetic child from morning to night
9 pounds 5 in weight
48 hour Labour born one day late
Austin my boy he's Austin the great

Unplanned like his beautiful brother
unprepared as their mother

Magnificent to put it lightly this boy can talk
double use of my ...

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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


Austinname meaningson


Thanks, Julia, for the vocal

IT'S A HEARTACHE THING (C)M.C. Newberry 2018/2019.

I thought that you'd come back to me when I saw you at the door

I thought that life was looking to be kind

But you told me you'd returned to take what I flung on the floor

You smiled your smile and hoped I didn't mind


It's a heartache thing to understand that you have gone for good

To realise ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:




"It” was unable to determine,
why everyone was disgusted on its birth?
Why mother hid "it" from the world?
Why "it" never got affection from elders unlike other kids?
Why world was different for "it"?
Why "it" was molested?
Why "it" becomes the object of cheap humor and lust?
Why "it's" desire to dress up was considered inappropriate?
Why "it" has to suppress the desires?
Why "it" h...

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Drawing in....

Drawing in....


Gradually, imperceptibly the nights draw in

they encroach with the chill of winter to foretell

As a blanket they cover a dormant landscape

there is no retreat, no turning back, the die is cast

the rubicon is crossed

Until the Feast of Epiphany we sink into a darkened world

only beyond is the light of a resurrected dawn

A time to slumber, dream, to drink ...

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The Wild Woods

entry picture

Some time ago I invented a cocktail:

But -

1) you don't Know the spirit used

2) you don't Know the mixer

3) you don't know the container it comes in

4) you don't know the price

5) you have to drink it outside in the car park

I've named it

"The Brexit"


Words and foto. Tommy Carroll

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Also by Tommy Carroll:

from over my shoulder | We've each got different partners now... |

When love moves out


What can you do

What can you say

When you see love 

moving away


Will you start a battle 

Will you start a fight

Or will you let her go 

and cry


There she goes 

She’s almost at the door 

Try to call her name 

Maybe sing her a song


Beg her on your knees

Give her flowers, promises 

She looks into your eyes

and gives you one last kiss


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Tell the truth, but tell it slant. Emily Dickinson


Born, bloom, die

All in the one day

Blurs a glass darkly

A physician’s proof of breath

Marked by her girlhood’s fleeting fancy

Of a garden romance

A moonlit dance

With Chopin playing lightly

In the darkness

And no rectangular wooden box

To be seen

Instead a thing with feathers

Whistles through my head


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Also by John E Marks:

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beneath a heavy snow delivering sky

recalling an overwhelming counterpaned severity that year

a lock-in and lock-down instigator

it's knee deep, unadulterated milky blanket restrictions

kept on and on and on adding more and yet more of itself

to the elderlies problem pile

kept on and on adding more and yet more of itself

to the infant's excitement pile


being of neither age

while concerned for the old an...

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most utopian of independencies | of a dad who never was | birth of memory's death | figure of fun | an ideal deal | is this the hope-ward road? | with hAvOc as a memory | inexplicable entities | unforgettable underdogs aka real human beings ( a just HAS TO BE for all on WOL ) | weak days | withdrawal |

Fould the day

entry picture

Found the day

Sunday,22nd September 2019


Finally, it has found the day

the book is on display

it is like a dream come true

you are all requested to view


I don't know how much I cared about poetry

but went on to write daily

it is almost a decade

now it has found the shade


enlighten me about the book

when you take a little glance

to give me a few wo...

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Sunday Cloud

The morning after and washing-up 

in a trance, half awake, fondling

wine glasses, their perfect curves almost erotic

in the warmth of the water and soap.

Recalling how you had talked openly last night

of how your life has changed,

of how those things you’d longed-for

waited for, will now no longer happen,

your bitter sadness, salved by my mellow red wine.

Then I remember...

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Also by Graham Sherwood:

Are you okay? |

Please, Come In

On the fringes

In and out

     Assaying, Surverying, Contemplating

           Stopping by but never staying

On the outskirts

Here and there

     Wandering, Pondering, Hungering

            For a life that's free of squandering

On the edges

In the fray

     Evermore, Until therefore, On the fringes looking for

           The comfort of an unlocked door




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the exile

The exile

    No matter how far

    To the other side of the moon

     if you like

    Sadness follows an exile.

    Never at ease

    Thinking of what is forsaken

    Finding it impossible

    To find the way back home.



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I return to Brighton and I talk to the sea.

This time I am alone, no gangs, only me.

Out of season I tread on pebble and stone.

So disillusioned with life, I wander alone.


I revisit our Café for cups of tea and a pill.

No sound laughter, just the ring of the till.

Only a few people brave the desolate shore.

A swimmer fights a wave, the rain does pour.


I walk ...

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What are we searching for in our relationship?

The kind of social order that is set up today, each individual is alone, aloof and struggling to find a perfect relationship. God has made human beings in a way in which we require a social order to live in. the era of today is devoid of all such things which caters to the social, personal and family needs of man. Here is a list of those characteristics and factors that is imperative in building a...

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In living colour

entry picture

How monotoned this world would be

If there were no diversity

Everyone harmoniously

Singing a global cantata.


The silver lining would be, of course

There would be no rifts or wars

Everybody would endorse

A universal charter.


But the situation being what it is

A kaleidoscope of ethnicities

A range of personalities

In a world of colour.

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Stray Thoughts


To feed a stray

is laudable

but once it starts

it's laughable

where there's one stray

there's multiple

the word is out

you're gullible!


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Footsteps of the Magdalene

entry picture

Are we not blessed to follow in Her footsteps,
The steps that stirred the dust in Galilee?
The feet that bring good news of Living Jesus,
The Light of lights arisen in you and me?
Her path is one of peace, of joy, of hope,
Breaching the walls of ignorance and fear,
And leads to the twilit Resurrection Garden,
See in Her embrace the Christ Light now appear; 
Magdalene, you show us this Grea...

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entry picture

Thorns pierce the skin.
Blood flows into loving eyes.
The screams of the many drown out the righteous.
A slow death awaits this innocent. 

Life ebbs.
Past glories remembered.
Younger days running through summer haze.
Now hanging high for all to see.

Lashed for the ways of this world.
Assault and battery....vicious, insane!
Eyes closing. Heart slowing. 
The end is coming into view.


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Do You Post Your Child's Photo on Social Media?

entry picture

Do You Post Your Child's Photo on Social Media?


Parents who social media their child's photos

Could be infringing their child's human rights

Affecting their safety and ability

For job opportunities being bright


The UN is currently reviewing

It's Convention of Rights of the Child

Where does it lie in the digital age

(Australia's been a signatory for a while)



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A day away

A pack a day, I hope way.

A stop sign a quarter of a mile away.

But still the rain doesn't come today.

So I can pray for her way here.

But that day will never come.

For a broken man is only shattered away.

For the day he lost her will always remain.

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Karma |

Off beat poetry

When the sun goes down

He rises to sit on his throne

As the darkness engulfs the light

He devours the serenity and purity

Leaving behind stench and ugliness

He gains power through wickedness

All who follow stand in a row

Taking alms of filth and corruption

Spreading havoc and disdainful acts

Enjoying the drinks that loosens mind

Sniffing and puffing doses of insanity


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A butterfly I thought I saw

with snow-like wings the field explore;

the smiling grass you flitted on -

your fragile beauty caught my eye -

I then gave chase – with longing sigh -

but blinked then looked – and you were gone.


A spider in its place I found -

poised motionless; beneath – around -

was spread your soft, alluring web,

which with a thousand charms was wroug...

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Also by Chris Laverty:

Emelie | Thoughts on England while abroad | In Despondency |

poem by chris laverty


There was a young lady called Pat

who gave me a dose of the clap


That's it.

Haven't got time to write any more. Too busy with clinic appointments and injecting antibiotics in my todger. And explaining to my missus.

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Also by Brian Maryon:

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This Fire

You are engulfing me

like fire in a forest,

sweeping everything on its path. 


And I keep running,

Headed in your direction,

Towards the blazing heat that's you. 



Although our story is not over,

we will burn this book to the ground. 

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Also by Adriana de los Angeles Diaz Rizo:

Thunderstorm | Sanctuary | Ours |



entry picture


No income-scale would be unjust -
It’s a matter of degree;
And, to have less inequality,
Regulations are a must.

For, in Millennium’s status quo,
The pay-gaps for human work,
And what’s obtained simply as a perk,
Are wrong - inhumanely so.

(C) David Franks 2003 -

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To Live or not to Live?

If one should get right up to death's very brink

This is the time to stop and think

'Shall I stay alive or shall I die?'

Though there is no one round to hear this cry.


We are not crazy, bad or weak.

Only to end our pains is what we seek.

Oft we keep these troubles to ourselves

For we feel that no one can be of help.


But whatever there might be ahead

We cannot m...

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HopeStuart VannerSuicide

1/9th "We Can We Will".


To join the Air Cav, was every pilots dream.

The First of the Ninth, they weren’t so keen.

Life expectancy wasn’t very long.

Flying low, to flush out the Vietcong.

Loaches flying at tree top level.

Sold their souls, to the Devil.

Cobra swooping in for it’s kill.

Wiping out all the VC on that hill.

Charlie Troop, are the best of the best.

Better t...

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Also by Mick Stewart:

A Hunting We Will Go. | Vietnam's Forgotten Army. | The Shooter | Jungle Blues |

The Eyes Of A Wolf

(Inspired by the findings that dogs have evolved some human facial expressions:


Researchers have found that dogs have evolved muscles around their eyes, which allow them to make expressions that particularly appeal to humans. A small facial muscle allows dog eyes to mimic an "infant-like" expression which prompts a "nurturing response".)


Strange, that we should have such an ...

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Also by Jason Bayliss:

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Ode to an Evil Fracker

Those whose business

is all about fracking

Deserve nothing

else but a damn

good sacking 

Spoiling our shoreline 

Don’t give them

more time

To ruin and endanger

Like an evil stranger

In the name of money

For just profits sake

Causing minor earth quakes

So don’t laugh at us or scoff

Just pack up your drills and


The Urban Poet 2019

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Also by Fred Varden:

A Writers Life | Fanny Arlington |


The place where we landed seemed good.
There was water, and food, and air,

but others were there before us,
and they told us we couldn’t stay.

There’s no room here, they said.
We can’t help you.

So we,
the last humans,
went back to our ship
and continued our search
for a home.


(From the pamphlet 'Kiling the Piano', published by Half Moon Books)

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Also by Joe Williams:

Bloke Walks Into a Pub |

What Are You Doing Here?

While climbing in the Himalayas,

    To my very great surprise,

I saw a huge and ugly Bigfoot

    Standing there before my eyes.

"Hold on," I cried, "Are not you Bigfeet

     Native to the USA?"

"We are," the monster answered calmly,

    "This is just a holiday."

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True Nature

entry picture

True Nature


A wolf howls skywards

To tell the pale, waxing moon

Of the solar death


The raven squawks in flight

As it tells the morning star

Of the sun’s rebirth


A man cries alone

Unaware of dark or light

In his Brexit hell

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Brexitcrowmoonsuntri-haikutrue naturewolf

The High Priestess

entry picture

This Equinox Season is the perfect time to tap into our intuition & assess where we're going next... The High Priestess is the personification of intuition


She sits quietly and waits

Contemplates her future

In this life and beyond

For a thin veil hangs behind

Separating her worlds


Today she sits on this side

Not because it is better

But to never experience both


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intuitionmagical realismtarot


death lingers - perched 

picking lives clean to the bone 

insatiable -

peering over your shoulder 

hungered for life to consume 

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autumn haiku | friction | new dawn | catcher of my shadows | narcotic |


Time is of the essence.
Running is bad for our knees and driving
bad for the planet but faster 
and faster we have to go.

Once on the same jet plane
we'll converse above the clouds and laughing
skydive together in contact for more 
than a glancing second.

To speak the truth, break the sound barrier,
see eye to eye at the speed of light,
contemplative hearts over and angain
read all ...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

Wakey, Wakey | The Future Is Another Country | Power In The Eyes | Quiz On Greek Gods |

Those Puppet Strings

With tight Puppet Strings, it controls me,

It's iron fists strangle all breath from my lungs 

Its ink black tendrils cover my heart and envelope my mind.

There is no escape. 


I drown with no water about,

My tears come in rivers that stream down my face

and my screams, there in no more horrible a sound. 


My heart bears the pain of a thousand knives 

and my body, no...

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Also by Kate Hubbard:

Belonging |



your love takes my breath away.

I come up for air, and

your kisses breathe life,

and love, into my being.

You clinch me in your embrace:

your love takes my breath away,

smothers me with kisses,


I come up for air, yet again.

Entangled, we cling to one another,

floating on a raft of love.

We are one,


as one,


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Also by Jill Ashforth:

Inverleith Avenue | It is a Gift... |



Here where the light shows itself off

a canal turns its back on the buildings

sniffs and moves on,

draws itself into dead ends

doubles back to check bridges

its reflection, its meanderings,

spreads out to tease banks

garlanded, with tresses that tumble,

is pleased with its imperceptible flow

lays on its back in pools of sun

blends into night as dark dreams begin.

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Also by ray pool:



The stones will speak of it
through phones that unclog
static sounds – and yet for
now the images of hungry
lions leashed upon the open
cells where wait inside the
half-starved men and woman
claiming Christ the only King.
I searched the sky to see if I
could find the answer there of
mortals doomed to die in what
they saw as valiant ways to lift
their souls to prophets of their
day and...

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Also by Philipos:


My golden years

entry picture

Yes it was pleasant and amazing!

How i was so careless and naive,

And just enjoying my age, my precious times.

My innocence that i dont have to defend.


I go where i want to, I eat and play all day long;

I climbed the mountains, play in the rain;

Build a house in the bush;

Watch my favorite noontime cartoon series at four.


Listen to my grandfather's folk stories on...

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Also by meya:

Fantasy |

The school run

Mini-humans converge
drawn but not defeated by routine.
So much colour,
noise -
so much future in one place
cannot be discreet.

I understand.
Quarts trapped in pint-pots!
Spirits simply too big
to fit still-growing bodies.
So much lifeforce
escaping -
temper tantrums -
excess leaking from
unfinished containers.

Later, on the tram

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childrenSchoolschool run

Whispering wind

Soft swathes of September wind

stroke my welcoming skin,

its warm touch offers solace

to my stationary form.

A slow slight cadence

and a flighty rhythm,

this wind it soothes me.

Eyes closed shut so tightly

that sleep begins its

slow inward stroll

to silently steal my waking world,

and deliver me to the dream domain

where the calming wind

continues to hold me ...

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

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entry picture

(From "Pieces of Me")



You can be anything you want, they said

Throwing falsehoods at her

Freedoms of youth

With a path yet unlived

Not even written yet


But when she tried to follow her dreams

They said slow down

Time is on your side

And knowledge only comes with age

You’ll learn


And she did learn

That time is against us all


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follow dreamslife

Florida Birthday Girl

You wake me early, with a kiss-scapade and your eyes bright like the morning light that snuck through onto my pillowcase.

You open my car door with a knowing grin, and I make ridiculous guesses, but you refuse to reveal your plans.

First, across the bridges of Jacksonville, to historic Avondale, where old-Florida gardens and old-money mansions show us their frills.

My first time at the Fox, a v...

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Also by Candice Reineke:

Sea Oats Already Know |

Atlantic BeachAvondalebirthdayFloridaJacksonvilleRiverside

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