Men In Homes


Time takes its toll

then leaves them there

their vigor gone

it isn't fair

knees and legs go

along with hair

too old to live

too old to care


Shortness of breath

pacemaker repair

old men may rage

curse wear and tear

they're put away

then at walls they stare

too old to live

too old to care


Sit in the lobby

sleep in the chair

roll down the hall

tiny rooms they share

nurses and needles

all they can bear

too old to live

too old to care


Eat with a spoon

starvation fare

can't remember who

or what or where

for this lonely life

they did not prepare

too old to live

too old to care.


◄ COWS---A poem by O.L. Buzzerd

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Wed 18th Dec 2019 18:41

Good story line and well explained

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Wed 18th Dec 2019 15:45

Very sad and a cautionary tale in a way. Great writing DK. I hope everything is okay with you and yours.

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Paul Sayer

Wed 18th Dec 2019 15:16

This Mr Knape is a very poignant and moving poem.

I sometimes like to go and read some of my poetry to the 'Olds' sat in their communal room ... 'waiting to die' yet so alive in mind some are.
The ones that seem as if they are 'not' there, very often are!

Just chatting amongst them, brings often, a temporary new lease of life.

This would be a great piece of poetry to recite to them. Would you allow me the honour of borrowing your words?

Thank you for a great poem d. irrespective of your reply.


Wed 18th Dec 2019 13:33

but it happens
too often.

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