What Sits Behind Blue Eyes

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You think me blind

That I don’t see the devil in your smile,

And the demons in your head.

The scars on your body,

And the stains on your heart


So, when I remind you of the empathy in your eyes

And the gentleness of your strong hands,

You feign silent exasperation at my “lack of sight”,

And what you call “misguided hopeful belief”


As such you put it upon yourself to protect me,

As you believe me light and vulnerable,

As most naive appear to be,

And I let you


I let you go on believing your self destructive, and operatively insecure, thinking

For, years of attempts have yet to cure this cancer,

And I’ve come to realize that 

When you're ready to heal yourself,
You, and only you,

Will do so - It is the only way


Even more aggravating and difficult,

I let you go on with your belief of me light.




“Not like you”


For when I’ve tried to negate your belief of my state

You give the amused smile, of that, you give to a child, who doesn’t know better


But I have come to the point of peace and patience

To sit quietly to your misguided beliefs

Because I know what sits behind these blue eyes


You believed me to be naive because I saw the light in your night,

For, I knew one cannot live without the other



You believed me naive, 

But I know you to be blind

Blind of anything than your narcissistic ambition to become a “better person”

A “good person”

Because it's always about you


Blind to the light in you,


And more importantly,

More dangerously,


The dark in me


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