To the Ghost-dancers of the Sioux

Don’t let the fat white males into your land

They have no concept of stewardship

They think they can own the air and the land.

You watched them massacre the holy bison:

The white buffalo are dead

Their bodies rot under the holy sun.

These bastards have no respect for themselves:

They are rapists and child-killers.

They love watching sadistic pornography.

They spoil all the Great Spirit has bequeathed us.

They are a scourge to the world.

No good is captured in their web of life

Evil infects their dreams,

They have never learnt

To just sigh and be still.


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M.C. Newberry

Tue 24th Dec 2019 11:17

Ironic that the European interlopers were obsessed with their
religious superiority/faith and treated anyone not of that belief as
disposable ignorant fodder. There are still examples of that
attitude across the world in various guises. But some things have changed for the better along the way.

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John Marks

Mon 23rd Dec 2019 21:39

I think it is just worth reminding ourselves that all the countries of the Americas (with the possible exception of Bolivia) were built upon the genocide of the indigenous peoples and the arrogant dismissal of the value of their civilizations (Inca, Aztec, Navajo, Sioux et al) which had taught the indigenous people to respect nature in all its manifestations. These civilizations were not perfect but the Europeans had a lot to learn from them: they learnt nothing. This mindless destruction of civilizations they neither respected nor understood, meted out by the European colonists, puts me in mind of a wireless programme I listened to recently which discussed the rampant extinction of plant species, occurring now, which have never been investigated for their possible medicinal properties. So stupid.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 23rd Dec 2019 18:38

Their fatal failure was tribal wafare allied to an inability to assess
the danger posed by the the move west from the Atlantic covering over a century or more. The wisest among them - such as Chief Joseph - did see but it was too late by then as the likes of Sitting Bull
adjusted to a life in show business that imitated the reality that had
gone forever..

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Brian Maryon

Mon 23rd Dec 2019 17:02

Unfortunately their time will not come again...the new settlers have the whip hand. And the native Americans live in government housing on reservations where they are often overweight and unemployed. Not a very poetic picture but unfortunately true.

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Mon 23rd Dec 2019 15:24

Their time will come around again... Whereas ours will be forever gone.


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