I cannot be with you

I cannot be without you 


Pulled by an invisible thread 

Sewing us together two broken things 

Tell me how to cut us apart, when there are no scissors strong enough to sever us 

Every fibre of my being is bound to you, clinging to you 


I would burn for your wandering gaze 

Set your eyes upon me 

View me through those lashes 

Touch me again, I beg 

Caress my face 

Tuck an innocent strand of hair behind my ear 

The only innocence left 


No distraction is ever enough 


You turn my mind back into that warzone 

Call for the armour 

Burn the walls down 

Do I fight or surrender?


I’ve sent letters 

Called out in an abundance of prayers, asking for a sign 

Searched for the lighthouse 

But it stopped flashing 

Show me if there is danger ahead 


There will inevitably be 

You are an arsonist 

and I burn at your touch 

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