Fluffer Round With Flowery Words

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Fluffer Round With Flowery Words


I try to write on WOL

With rhythm, rhyme and wit

Guess what? I am quite happy

To just succeed a bit


I'm not a Poet Laureate

For if I was, I could

Not bring to you my simple self

That's in me I see good


Perhaps I am way off the mark

A Laureate is, to me

A fluffer round with flowery words

Which don't pertain to he


I want my poetry on WOL

To flow out simple, free

Not fluffed around with flowery words

Just rhythmic, rhyming me


A Poet Laureate could not

Use grimy, rhymy words

They'd have to think up flowery ones

That fluffer well with birds


No, I'm just quite happy

Rhyming 'way all day

Give Laureate the flick I say

I'll write away, my way


Don Matthews April 2019






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Tue 3rd Dec 2019 21:07

O dear Thalu, don't cry, your master Don isn't bad, he's just too fun loving and neglects things rather SOMETHINGS at times, com'on cheer up gal💕

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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Dec 2019 21:04

When I shoof off my mortal coil
Gosh I've gone all Shakespeare
They'll gather round my silken cask
And raise their beers and cheer

For he's (was) a jolly good WOLer
And have an open mic
And read his rhymes (so flippant-like)
Let's all have a jolly good wake........

Thalia's crying......😢


Tue 3rd Dec 2019 20:34

Your poems speak volume, i like them, they have flowery words, you are way ahead of your time, people will recognize your talent later, it happens with with people who break the stereotypes, they achieve late.
Keep writing cos you have fans following you donny dear, my poet laureate. 💐

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jennifer Malden

Tue 3rd Dec 2019 20:20

Agree with PO, you always make me laugh with you, not at you. You put me in a good mood as your stuff is so lighthearted, and simple, in a positive sense, as well as free. Keep it up!


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Don Matthews

Tue 3rd Dec 2019 20:07

Thankyou Po

Because Thale is my Muse of Mirth
Can't let the woman down
She says to laugh as much you can
That's why I keep her round

Some poets here like doom and gloom
I can't work out this, why?
It doesn't make no sense to me
I look at screen and sigh

Yes Po it's like you say to me
Laughter beats the pill
But sometimes we need supplements
To help us up the hill


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Tue 3rd Dec 2019 18:55

Laughter is the BEST medicine Don

You make me laugh more than any other poets here... or anywhere actually.

I laugh with... not at


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