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Inspired by this time space we currently find ourselves in....

The land of betwixt and between

What's been


What is unseen

Next year hints

A clarity

Of vision

Perfect for

Leap year


ChristmasNew decadeNew yearStuck in the middle

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Don Matthews

Mon 30th Dec 2019 12:59

That's the trouble with you Poms
You grump and grump and grizzle
You need your bit of gloomy doomy
Need some fizzle drizzle

Being in a gloomy clime
I guess you needs it tho
I guess it makes you feel off-kilter
Let's all sing ho ho ho

What's that?.....

Don, Don! Ho ho ho? ...Christmas's come and gone.....

Sheesh. gimme a break....


You didn't fire me? You were just joking? There's hope for you yet.....

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 30th Dec 2019 11:18

Don, Don! We do like a laugh but we also like a break from it too

Signed.........Grumpy Pom!

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Don Matthews

Mon 30th Dec 2019 09:09

Between you and 'tween me
A day has come and gone
Nothing's happened, don't get excited
Your Foreign Correspondent Don


Hello? Trumpy's just gone twittered
He's gonna launch a bomb
Wipe North Korea off the map
With great Trumpy aplomb

Just joking....sorry

What? I'm fired?

Have you Brits got no sense of humour?

Lucy says don't come knockin' on our LMS door....


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Sun 29th Dec 2019 22:52

I feel we all need a leap of faith Ruth.

Sort of a small step for man... a giant leap (of Faith) for mankind.


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