Spinning a yarn

Sammy was a spider,webs he loved to spin,

Constantly trapping  insects to feed his kith and kin.

Sammy had eight eyes but no neck or head,

Those eyes spotted his prey and kept him well fed.


One day those eyes filled with desire and led to female flaunting,

The female was much bigger than him,mating was quite daunting.

The sexual encounter Sammy did satisfyingly complete,

But as tradition had it ,her partner she did eat.


Highly respected in the community for keeping them well fed,

Sammy was devoured fully by the female called Sally when dead.

Sammy went to heaven and spun a web up there,

Sally went to hell said they were not a pair.


The sexual encounter with Sally ,Sammy sadly missed,

There was no-one here in heaven which he would have kissed.

Looking down from heaven there were many that were bad,

Swimming in a lake of blood,Sammy was really sad.


To think Sally was suffering pain and crying,

To get her out of there he had to keep trying.

But suddenly a thread from heaven Sammy did dispel,

To move Sally safely up from hell.


Up the thread from heaven Sally did climb,

To reach up there safely was sublime.

Spinning a yarn is what I have done,

The newly-webs are now married and having fun.







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A tribute to Sara Britcliffe our new M.P. A baby of the house,only 24 ! ►


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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Dec 2019 20:12

Hey Eff?....

Wot luv?....

This Hugh's gettin' a bit scientific isn't 'e?.....

'e's high-trained luv;;;;

Must've got to the top of Brit-rail Eff.......

A learned observer is my Bert....


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Fri 6th Dec 2019 19:38

Spiders are present in every house,
Definitely more common than the mouse.
They rid our homes of insects and lice,
They do this free ,don't charge a price.
With its front legs it tastes its prey,
Injects it with chemicals and drinks it away.

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Don Matthews

Fri 6th Dec 2019 03:07

Hello? Ruthy's back on board
Spiders are her thing
Arachno...? What's she on about?
Ring a ding a ding


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Ruth O'Reilly

Thu 5th Dec 2019 22:16

Hugh, this is just something else.....Arachnopornia!😁

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