But I Like Helium Balloons

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But I Like Helium Balloons


Helium balloon you look lovely

Red, yellow, blue, pink, in the sky

Released by excited/happy children

Who squeal with delight as you fly


What's this? We hear there is a council

Who want to ban us (stay deflated)

They say when we come down from high up

We pollute waterways, and are all hated


We give so much joy to the kiddies

OK we might make bit of mess when we land

But remove all this joy from our kiddies?

To us seems a bit underhand


(Don't cry kiddies, there's still hope.....)


The ban will apply only to council things

But if there's a birthday for Joe

You're free to gung ho with ballooning

As long as the council don't know


As yet it's unclear as to whether

Weddings will be included in ban

Oh why are they wanting to ground us?

When we give so much joy prior to land


Now here's my suggested solution

Start making compostable balloons

We'll have to stay clear of the rain clouds

Don't want our joy turning to doom


Continuing my suggested solutions

Synthetic colours (of course) cannot be used

We'd have to use animal or plant dyes

Carrot or beetroot infused?


As well as balloons causing pollution

We can't have them brightening the gloom

And think of the great money saving

The saving to be had by the groom


Don Matthews August 2019

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Thu 12th Dec 2019 12:23

Yes you can always play Donny dear!!

Hope u have more fun every day n every year 🎉 party 🎉

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Don Matthews

Thu 12th Dec 2019 02:19

Thanks Do. We all have a little kid in us. Mine seems to be a little more playful than most.

Now behave yourself Comic.....

But i wanna play.....can I? can I?.....



Wed 11th Dec 2019 21:52

The child in us lives forever.

As a kid i loved these balloons. Even today they attract my sight. At times i buy them to satisfy my kiddish urge....Hahaha

Loved the poem so much. Thanx for balloon poem....keep the kid in u alive always!!!

Cheers 🍻 Donny dear!!

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