LMS Is Taking Off

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LMS Is Taking Off


LMS is taking off

On it's Rollercoaster

Equipped with Bar and Maid to boot

Equipped not yet with Toaster


(For hot toasties in cold weather ..)


Leader at the driver's wheel

Heading for the next

Offbeat poet visitor

Invited there by text


You think it's all a fantasy?

A figment in my mind?

Then why have sixteen WOLers then

Joined up, and all then signed?


LMS is built on fun

Both real and fantasy

To enter, join the group with us

It's simple. Email me


Don Matthews December 2019





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Don Matthews

Mon 30th Dec 2019 07:40

The Like-Minders Society (LMS) is about to begin it's 10th Meeting.

This time the Rollercoaster will take the group around its Theme Park to the following stops of offbeat poetical interest:

Traditional Poets Stamping Ground
Writers Corners
The Interview Studio
Propper Spelling Centre
Toilet Stop (essential to any self-respecting Theme Park)

As many of our invited poets do not belong to WOL they are grateful for the exposure LMS offers them

Should you wish to join and book a Roller seat with our group it's very simple. Just email our leader. We're also free. How many other Theme Parks offer free rides?

Lucy L (LMS Head of Publicity)

No riff-raff or doomy gloomers please. We run a tight ship.

Don is a safe driver and our wheels don't fall off.....


Mon 30th Dec 2019 07:36

Heart beats faster
Anxiousness rising
This coaster ride
Creates whirlpools
In my stomach n mind
Am all buckled up
Tightly holding on
To my teddy 🐻 Po
All this thrill gives me chills
Slowly slipping down
From my spine to left toe down
Hey Don, drive slow and safe
Flights about to off take
Am all excited and nervous
LMS theme park addiction
Growing stronger and thrilling
All these years been wasted
Sitting hatching nothing
Now this fun filled journey
Opens up excellent avenues
Wherefrom i'll make journeys adventurous and new

Thank you Donny dear!! There are millions of butterflies in my stomach already....and many more still growing within me.

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