Finding Himself in Nature

Deep in the heart of the forest

He lingers a moment to rest

He knows well his destination

Two hours meander his estimation

Finding the oldest tree of all, he hesitates

Sat, leant against the trunk he meditates


High within the mountain peaks

Within himself answers he seeks

All the world below somewhere

Quietly he finds his spot up there

Sheltered by cairn, thoughts he elevates

Gale rages all around as he meditates


Waves roar as they crash upon beach

Yet he’s here some wisdom to reach

Upon his rock facing the wildest sea

Spray washed, alive he feels such empathy

As once again he enters altered states

In the heart of the storm, he meditates


Natural wonder he found all around

Emanating from deep within the ground

Carried on the wind, the rain and snow

Seeking answers in caves or plateau

Whatever journey he undertakes

Wherever he goes, he meditates 

taken from 247 Poems


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