Separated by war

by bullets & guns

by an artificial boundary

a no-man's land

one nation now divided

north and south

old from new


the war split the country

and split families apart

so there are people now

who never knew their grandparents

or even their parents

so they cling to shreds of memory

dimming with each day

becoming ever more distant


families lost each other

divided by a line

the north from the south

the young from the old

families split apart as relatives

were left behind the line

the memory of who they were

fading into the fog of old age


the children cannot know

who they never knew

they do not know

what the past held

or what the future brings


time is the real enemy

of those left behind

it will eventually erase their memory

and they will be forgotten


still divided by the artificial line

the boundary of fear

there is a hollow in their hearts

the not knowing eats away


the only thing continuous

is the suffering of war.




Then It Hit Me ►



Fri 13th Dec 2019 13:25

We are so fortunate
living in the present
we must not forget our history
the enduring pain of the past.

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