The Newsagent

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The Newsagent


Why are there sox in the newsagent ?

Hanging all paired with their mate

When right next door to them's a men's shop

This really does make me irate


Why are women's bags in the newsagent

Both leather and vinyl to be had

When a women's bag shop's in the complex

Gosh this does make me real mad


I notice the agent stocks papers

(Which seem to carry nothing but gloom)

Yet no other shop's stocking papers

(Which seems a bit unusual to me....)


Don Matthews August 2019


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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Dec 2019 22:12


I see BM has been backward in not coming forward with his elucidation.

Then again he'd have a nerve coming back to elucidate on my blog

What's that?......hens don't 'say' they 'cluck'

Gimme a break....haven't you heard of poetic license?


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Tue 10th Dec 2019 18:00

Don these things would not be allowed here in the UK, he lied.

Great observational piece... I especially like the none rhyming (bracketed) ending.


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Tue 10th Dec 2019 17:55

Brain I am somewhat bemused by your comments here.

You say ..."posters of quality are slowly ceasing to post or comment"

Well I for one, as a poster of quality, certainly am not slowing down nor ceasing to comment.

I assume you have a reason for posting this here, perhaps you might explain and elucidate what that reason is.
Giving evidence to support your supposition.

Or better yet, start a blog of your own, rather than posting your opinionated thoughts on another poets blog.

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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Dec 2019 06:13

Humour rules the WOLer roost
As liking hens go cluck
Then suddenly there did appear
A dirty ditty, fuck (they said)

They looked hard at this ditty
And saw this waddling duck
They thought it was out searching snails
But duck was out of luck

The hens they could not comprehend
This ditty 'fuck a duck' ?
They couldn't see no fun in this
So went 'way cluck cluck cluck

Despite this dirty ditty try
To knock them off their perch
They were a quite religious lot
(In prayer bowed down at church)

What's that?....

You didn't know chooks went to church ?....

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Don Matthews

Tue 10th Dec 2019 05:59

Complaints/concerns should be PM'd direct to moderators, not with vague innuendos on personal blogs. I don't like it.

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Don Matthews

Mon 9th Dec 2019 21:56

I notice Brian you did not make a comment on the poem? Surely this is the whole purpose of a comment box?......

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 9th Dec 2019 15:58

You raise an interesting point Brian.
As someone who has reduced severely my number of posts, preferring to delete each one after a day or so, I sometimes feel that the blog section has indeed become another social media portal for our most prolific posters.
In other world (one with far more development resources than WOL possesses) it might be better to have different genre sections, such as, autobiography, humour, natural world, political, social commentary etc etc.
As it is it appears the humorous sector is currently ruling the roost, whether this puts 'serious' posters off I don't know.
Personally, I prefer to seed my own blog, with a link from my profile.

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Brian Maryon

Mon 9th Dec 2019 13:21

Parts of this site are gradually morphing into Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. And posters of quality are slowly ceasing to post or comment. Not sure what the answer is...WOL is a broad church but some members are kneeling down but refusing to pray.


Mon 9th Dec 2019 10:22


Trust me Don, I'm going shopping those pink n my fav mauve perfumed toilet roll.....jus thinking will i b able to use them for the right purpose.....hehehe!! I guess, i should, but mauve my fav colour....what if mauve has lavender perfume.....awwww!!! Then i will nt b buying.....toilet spray..... Lolzzzzz!!! But I'm still thinking mauve is my fav colour then will i b able to use it for the right purpose..winks!!!!

I cn buy anyother colour, but Donny dear, mauve is my fav colour, hw cn i lev it??

If i buy brown, be sure to receive the courier in ur inbox........hehehe 😜


Mon 9th Dec 2019 08:08

If you succeed to figure it out lmme know......hehehe 💋

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