Out of body

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You know that you are having

An out of body experience

When you find

Your heart and your mind

In a different place

To where you physically



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Don Matthews

Mon 16th Dec 2019 04:58


Yes luv....

Wot's going on 'ere?... outa body? .. OBE? Isn't that Order of the British Empire or something?

Go back to sleep luv....



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Paul Sayer

Sun 15th Dec 2019 23:24

There is a silver thread of truth running right through you comments Ruth.

I spent quite some time training my students in R.V. Remote Viewing.
which is a form of 'OBE'. Astral projection whilst we are awake. In effect we are in two different places simultaneously, with awareness of both locations/situations.

I have been able to achieve this whilst standing on the platform in church with a full congregation on countless occasions. Giving evidence of people and places at a distance, not just in space (Location, this bit is for Don), but time also.

The forth dimension as it were.

CERN seems to have proven that there are nine, or some say now, ten dimensions.

Personally, I tend to believe there could be an infinite number.


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Ruth O'Reilly

Sun 15th Dec 2019 22:56

Don you have that special jar of poetry writing pixie dust we're all after. Janet keeps it safe and well hidden on the space ship.

Nigel I said 'Hello' to you in your dreams last night ....unfortunately I then zapped you with my special pen and now you don't remember!

Thank you Po I always enjoy your well informed comments. I have a Diploma in Dream Therapy, and during that course there was lectures on this theory that we die every night.

I'd also like think that a part of all us writers of poetry and thoughts are connected by a silver thread of consciousness... and I'm quite sure that we are!

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Don Matthews

Sun 15th Dec 2019 22:36


Yes luv....

Po says I die every night....


Why do I wake up each morning then?.....

An' wot's this about a silver cord Eff?

It's that umblical thing you had danging from you when were born luv....

Oh?... you're a walking cyclopedia Eff........


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Paul Sayer

Sat 14th Dec 2019 20:53

IMHO Some real esoteric truths here Ruth

Often a traumatic event forces the astral out, as numinous accounts testify.

Projecting at will however is a skill we can all learn if we so decide.

We are not 'just' our body, we are so much more.

In effect we 'die' every single night, most of us do not have any knowledge of where we go and who we meet.

The biblical reference to the silver cord is very apt. However it is NOT the exclusive provenance of the Christian faith.

Life after death is there for all! Regardless and irrespective of our race, creed, colour or religion... Thank God ;)


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Nigel Astell

Sat 14th Dec 2019 15:17

Spirits can enter dreams
just to say hello
mind and body awaken
heart felt memories retraced
but you don't know why.

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Don Matthews

Sat 14th Dec 2019 03:22

My heart is in my body
My mind is in the air
Janet's saying blip..blip
Whatever is that there?

Don't panic pilot Janet
Your spaceship's not on course
Collision-wise with my mind
Which would make matters worse

What's 'e talking about Eff?....

Dunno luv. Seems he's off with the pixies....

I had a pixie visit me the other day Eff.....gave me daisies and a Tesco voucher....


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