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*This is a little on the nose and might make people uncomfortable, so I suppose that I'd advise reading at your own discretion. I apologise if something like this isn't appropriate to post - I wonder if perhaps there's a way to hide posts from the main feed?.*


Multicolour haze.

Magnetic alignment; the image realised.

Misconstrued purpose.


Cells woven. Built for war.

Gradient reversed: cellular uptake permitted.

Life shortened – efficacy improved.


Eyes forced through sand.

Receptors exposed.


Tectonic shift – balance restored.


Copper fed through skin – current induced.

Gradient reversed – read turned to write.


He pulled the pin – kamikaze atom bomb.

Fired receptor; cognition advanced.

Decision made.

Final goodbye.


Transcendental memory erased.

The flash forgotten.


Dry heave.

The brother feels the pain.

Embryonic crash – the cell split in two. [Lysed]

White knuckled. He calls to the gods.


Eyebrows raised – a tunnel through the forehead.

Primordial scream – his core exposed.


Adenosine released: he stands.

He takes grip and shoots down the sky.

The heavens fall.

Angels like rain.


Corpus collosum overcharge.

Alternating current forced to DC.

Ethereal splay – he falls to his knees.

The ground crumbles and he falls.


A brother is lost and the sentiment wears thin...

Raised by the hair, he looks ahead. A blind gaze: milky eyes.

Tears line the rim – he is obliterated inside.

Nothing left.



A twist turned inside out – the soul falls in on itself.

The path leading back out to the other side.

A door opens as another closes.

Neutered connection.


The tree starves.


A blue flux. Flicker of energy. The knot re-tied.

Spasm induced; he stands again.


A cut through the thigh – marrow dug out.

Planted in the earth; a new tree grows.

A single tear propagates the seed.

Roots travel through soil; searching for pain.


Once again.

All of this.

Once again.

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Mon 30th Dec 2019 04:12

To Don, Ethel and Bert: Thank you all for your comments and for taking the time to read what I've written. I look forward to hearing from you and reading your work in the future.

'An online drink in a pub' – I like that; it's nice to meet a fellow Aussie here. I hope you're all safe during this season of extreme weather.

I take Bert's comment in stride; I understand that a good piece should be easy to interpret by the audience and seeing as I'm posting in a public space, this is an effort I should make.

You lot are hilarious and you've made my day.
Thanks for the encouragement. I look forward to hearing from you all again in the future. A place like this is a blessing.

And to Brian: You're right, I just wanted to be sure to not upset anyone with my attempt at graphic imagery. Thank-you for your comment.

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Don Matthews

Sun 29th Dec 2019 21:05


You need to get to know me to know the right way to take me. Being a newbie you do not yet have that advantage. But fear not cos I live downunder like you. See? I have established an immediate bond between us already. Bit like an online drink in a pub.

Ethel and Bert (friends of mine) often read poet's work and feel the urge to comment. Bert is a little miffed at all the big words you have used. He's feeling a bit uncomfortable and suggests an appendix of meanings would help. (He only went as far as kindy and can only count to 5 on his fingers). However they both feel there is deep meaning in your piece and encourage you to continue.

We basically write for ourselves Adam even if others have difficulty understanding us. Write and archive away. You'll gradually get to know which way to take me.....


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Brian Maryon

Sun 29th Dec 2019 19:45

Couldn't find the offensive bit.

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