London Smog and New Research

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London Smog and New Research


London's air pollution

Increases risk depression

Suicide, bad mental health

Come London, learn a lesson


New research has shown


What was the situation many years ago with London's pea-soup smog?


I don't know. Just asking question.


Don Matthews December 2019


I have included a link for those interested:

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Sun 29th Dec 2019 18:21

I can tell you all about the London smog - used to cycle from Brixton to the City in it - wearing white inner linen smog masks of the times of course - which when arriving at the end of the journey were blacker than the inside of a cavernous cave. There were various medical conditions attributed to these events but which everyone accepted as part of the London scene - I am sure the Coroner's reports of the time, would have the detail of damage caused to lungs and mental health - but I am talking about the 60s - when the second world war was still uppermost in most people's minds and bomb sites were lethargically awaiting redevelopment. Difficult to attribute the causation due to the times. But bronchitis was certainly amongst the many ailments I recall - plus heart attacks. Periodic illnesses of various kinds were rife. Don't get me going about the old fashioned ambulances that clanged their way along the fog fumed roads, the drivers - heroes everyone of them.

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Don Matthews

Sun 29th Dec 2019 14:09


I often wonder if I'm unconsciously using humour to soften the hard things.

There are two parts of me - Serious and Comic. I personify them as my two children. Comic is the young playful one. Serious is his older sibling. They often cause trouble with the neighbours if you get my drift.

Serious presents the real hard facts of life while Comic tries to counteract Serious and soften the blow.

Serious and Comic often play together in the same poem.

They seem to enjoy doing this.........and I encourage it

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Sun 29th Dec 2019 13:52


The ever growing concern regarding 'e.smog' and 'The Internet of Things' that will grow the concerns and frequency (pun intended) of mental illnesses and health concerns that are mental, emotional, physical, and sadly spiritual also.

These things are not a laughing matter... Although humour always softens the hardest of blows my old chum.


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Sun 29th Dec 2019 13:45

..."In research published last year, scientists in Beijing found that inhaling particulate matter robbed people of their smarts, leading to lower verbal and math test scores... and piss poor poetry!

Don you are right on the money.

I travel though London twice a week when driving over the QE 2 Bridge and looking across to the 'City of London' there is now an almost constant smog.


Our writing will reach an entirely new readership in 2020
These issues and more, we will blow the cover from, so the world can see what is hidden in plain sight.

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Jeff Dawson

Sun 29th Dec 2019 11:15

A valid question, doubt the answer is good, poignant thoughts Don. Thanks for reading Rise Again, glad you liked it, thanks Jeff 😃


Sun 29th Dec 2019 06:39

Pollution adds to mental illness and so also watching television and addictive social media.

Today's life style has led to many psycho -physiological illnesses.

The cure is at a switch off button!!

These awareness writes from you and Po needs much larger readership.

Thanks Don!!

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