There Will Be Birds In The Morning

There’s a girl in tears
upon the cathedral steps
as I walk to work
the rain; a mist swallowing us
leaves blowing by
I want to wrap my scarf around her
and say

There will be better days
there will be lighter times
there will be happiness again

And there will be birds in the morning
singing for you and me
singing for you

There’s a boy in a phone box
framed behind glass, he sighs
as I’m passing by
his call has ended
the last call of that friendship
I want to get him a beer and say

Don’t forget the love you have
don’t forget those faces
it will be bright again in time

And there will be birds in the morning
singing for you and me
singing for you

And the rain comes down
and leaves blow by
and the busses look so busy
I laugh quietly to myself
do birds even sing 
on winter mornings?



(I think I might have stolen/borrowed this title from someone on here, if it was you please let me know). 

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John Marks

Fri 10th Jan 2020 23:59

It is the casual observation that I like. Making truth into poetry or is it the opposite? Well-penned, friend.

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Wed 18th Dec 2019 15:50

Thanks MC, you're right. I suppose I was 'inspired' rather than just casually thieving. 😃 And hope is an important thing. I couldn't decide whether I found the protagonist in this poem a bit annoying and that's why I sabotaged the ending... and yet, sometimes being told that "everything will be okay" is exactly what I (and presumably others) long to be told.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 18th Dec 2019 13:08

An evocative title that speaks of hope. In the same way that the
sun in the morning (often unseen but still up there glowing) is a
metaphor for hope. And, of course, there is no "copyright" in a title
(as any songwriter will testify). I used flowers for a poem of
hope ("Still the flowers grow") and see the appeal of such things
as indicators of better times around the corner. 🌷

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Tue 17th Dec 2019 14:22

Thanks Kate, I aim to disappoint, without fail, every time. 😂

And thanks miKa, that is reassuring. Strange to think that now I know that, I probably wouldn't have written this poem the way I did.

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Tue 17th Dec 2019 13:18

Some birds practice their love songs all winter long.

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Kate G

Tue 17th Dec 2019 13:02

Tom, you never fail to disappoint.

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