See that boy there – yeah.

He's emotionally rich. On the outside all poor – bad clothes, no girl, s*** car; no house.

But on the inside he got that swirlin' blue; that vibrant yellow – an' all that compassion

For me an' you.

You might not see him, but he see us, an'

He got that rich flow but nothin' to show.

No smile for you, cause he on his own.

He on his own.

Him and his world of swirling colours.


Just let him be.

He might look down; sad – like it's a way he ain't need to be –

Truth is he can really see – more than you or me.

Just love that boy and let him be. Tell him you see. Him. And think about, him.


Just leave him be.

Just leave him be.


Whatchu think – he alone on his own?

Truth is, he full of wealth – just outta space.

Outta body; like he ain't even here.

◄ Poet by nature, not by practice.

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