COWS---A poem by O.L. Buzzerd


aint they purdy

them momma cows

with their big brown eyes

and long eye lashes


why the very sight of em

makes your heart melt

and you just wanna give em a hug


cows smell

well, like cows

but their milk is sweet

and their whole attitude is

laid back and easy going

relaxed in deep breathing

accepting their lot

don't expect much


they don't get too excited

about much of anything

they mosey

they eat

they flatulate

that's it

that's their job


they don't get caught up in the daily news

or in the pressure of work

they just take what nature gives

and let it go at that


they get criticized

but all they do is eat green grass

so they ARE part of the Green movement


why, can you imagine a world

without their gentle moos

their slow walkin' ways


ever seen a herd of cows on a hillside

it's enough to take your breath away

now that there is peaceful

Buddha would be proud


we need cows

to give us an example

on how to be happy and content


you would be too

if you could sleep standin' up.


-O.L. Buzzerd

Poet and author of "the Zen of Cows."







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