As we approach the Festive Season with its public communications beseeching us to part with our money, it's reported that this country has 168,000 registered charities -we're talking £77 billion here,- with £16 billion p.a. received from government out of taxed income.  I don't think Dickens would have got away with writing about

Ebenezer Scrooge like he did if his own age known such widespread varieties of parting the public from their  cash...not just at Christmas but all the year round.   I already view with vinegar eyes certain show biz names

who appear on our TV screens pleading for money on behalf of all sorts of recipients, while I wonder just 

what they do with their own substantial incomes..

And don't get me started about QUANGOS - reported to number 1,148 and busy existing on our hard-earned money.  Arthur Daley would have surely been looking to get involved in their game.

A few of the best things in life may well be free but a lot of folk are making sure they get their slice of what's

going, no matter where or from whom!!

God rest ye, merry gullible folk,

Let your cash go down our way,

While we do our best to divest thee

Of your income - come what may!,





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Don Matthews

Thu 5th Dec 2019 21:57

I earn a lotta pennies
Then put them in my piggy
Bank so they will mount up
Form pile real very biggy

No-one will ever bleed me
Cast iron, with no way in
Hey mummy, wanna buy a car
I'm buggered, just can't win

Who taught you the awful word Johnny?.....

My teacha mummy......


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