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It seems I have taken to creating characters who want to give their opinions on various things. Ethel and Bert seem attracted to WOLers poetry lately,  giving well-thought-out comments (despite Bert not graduating past kindy) Thalia, my Muse of Mirth, gives me the humour I need to get through life. Lucy L (Head of LMS Publicity) is the the Like-Minders Society voice and front-of-house. Miss Bethel? Bert suddenly remembered his nice kindy teacher yesterday

Janet (from some other planet – can't remember which) is a spacecraft co-pilot. She communicates with blip..blip..signals. Has Earthspeak Dictionary to translate and understand us earthlings. A bit slow which explain co-pilot not pilot role. A harmless alien.

I hope my characters behave themselves and don't offend.  They can be miscievous at times but  mean no harm.









Yes luv?....


Why am I like I am?.......


Why did I not get past kindy?.......


Miss Bethel, she was a nice teacher..I liked her........


But we only learnt to count on five fingers.......


If you'd gone on further in your education luv you would have learnt to count to have ten toes also …....


Have I ?...........


I look over our fence Eth at the Like-Minders Theme Park and see them having fun on their rollercoaster. I really want to join in but for my problem...........


I get tired and sleep all the time. I need a re-image Eth... A new Bert.....


Write to your scriptwriter luv........


Who's he?..... I can't write anyway Eth.....


Use the computer. You only need to use one finger......


You're full of ideas Eth.  I like you for that.....


Would you like me to email your scriptwriter? I can use all fingers.....


Would you Eth?....Say I 'd like a re-image. A new Bert. Can he cure my vertigo at the same time?.....Po, Ruth, Do, Tom and all the other Like-Minders call out for me to join them when they go to their next offbeat poetry stop


I'd do anything for you it's time for your 10am nap...I'll wake you up at 1 for lunch then you can go back for your afternoon nap


Dear Scriptwriter

Can you help my Bert? I think you know his problems. We all know God didn't create him when cavorting with the angels and forgot to look at his plans....

Yours truly



Don Matthews December 2019





◄ Supertramp. Ahead of Their Time (1974)

I Was Wrong ►


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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Dec 2019 02:44

Thankyou Lucy

You down double whiskeys like they're going out of style but you do a good job.

She says thankyou for selecting her from the huge number of applicants

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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Dec 2019 02:39

Ah yes Fish, the plot is are the rollercoaster poetry stops in the LMS Theme Park fairground. Ethel and Bert are looking on with interest

Come and join us....


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Don Matthews

Sat 21st Dec 2019 02:16


Your ask to enter LMS
Came to our office Do
Was stamped, duly accepted
Many moons ago

We know you like our roller
Rides around the Park
We're only open in the day
And close it down when dark

I can't see to drive at night and Thalia tends to get her cocktails mixed up without some light.

Yes, I see you behind me,(next to Ruth). You seem to be enjoying yourself. Thanks to Po for taking the picture.


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Fri 20th Dec 2019 17:38

Ah Don, may your roller coast you through the thickening plot to the fairest of grounds.
A peaceful Christmas to you cobber, ><>


Fri 20th Dec 2019 15:08

Kindly consider my application....will you?

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Don Matthews

Fri 20th Dec 2019 07:19

To join The Like-Minders Society and experience the thrill of rollercoasting around our Theme Park to stops of various offbeat poetical interest contact our Leader (you may even get to wave to Bert unless his scriptwriter has cured his vertigo)

We are on a recruitment drive so don't be shy. However we don't accept riff-raff or doomy gloomers. We run a tight ship. If, however, you are willing to undergo a 'transformation' our Leader might consider you

Lucy L (Head of Publicity)

Oh.....and it's all free


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