Of all the people you know, you are most responsible for you,

And even one day, when you have kids, this much will still be true,

You're responsible for every thought, every word, every bit of, "Truth," you bring to their door,

So you'd best start looking after yourself, as if you're someone you're responsible for,

I know life seems unfair right now, but let's be honest it made no promises,

And if no-one seems to care right now, we both know that's not true,

It's one of the harder facts of life and no matter what anyone else says,

Promises are only made and kept by the likes of me and you,

We are the, "Backbone," the strong willed ones who ensure that shit gets done,

The ones who try to make sure it all comes right in the end,

So with that in mind trust me when I say don't be your own worst enemy,

Because you need, "You," to see it through, so be your own best friend.

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